Track Indoors And Outdoors

Locates people, equipment and packages seamlessly, indoors and outdoors. GPS doesn’t.

Industrial Strength Security

Can’t be jammed or spoofed. GPS can be.

Quick & Easy Deployment

Network can be established quickly by leveraging existing infrastructure.

Tracking Analytics

Provides proprietary data analytics regarding movement of people, equipment and packages.

Value Proposition

Only Merlin can locate people & objects, indoors & outdoors, with accurate 3-D positioning.

Markets for Positioning Technology are growing 60% / year for consumer location-based services.

location-based placement

The most important and fastest growing segment in mobile advertising, such as consumers in retail shopping malls.

Accurate Location

In emergencies such as fire, medical disability or crime.

Electronic Fencing

Helps ensure that people, documents and machinery are in authorized areas.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Current Wi-Fi solutions work poorly indoors. Merlin allows equipment, inventory, and packages to be located quickly and efficiently indoors.

Office Canyons

The same technology that enables indoor tracking allows Merlin to work in dense metropolitan areas, where traditional GPS signals are reflected off walls of buildings, rendering GPS inaccurate or inoperable.

Forested Areas and
Extreme Weather

Either of these can render GPS inaccurate or inoperable.

Value Proposition

Cannot be jammed or spoofed.

Jammed: external devices can be used to block GPS receivers, rendering them unusable.

Spoofed: GPS receivers are “tricked” into displaying incorrect position. These problems with GPS are of significant interest to the military, police, security and intelligence agencies and certain governmental contractors.

Value Proposition
Global Data Analytics

Keep track of people and packages as they move across regions, nations and continents.

Can track flows of people, packages and equipment as in office buildings, apartments, malls, transportation points (airports, train and bus stations), and stadiums.


George Weischadle

George initially worked for Hughes Aircraft, where he was a design contributor to the first domestic satellite telecommunications network in the United States (Westar) and first regional satellite network in Asia (Palapa). Later he founded Sattel Technologies, a global telecom equipment manufacturer.

Dr. Antonio Leal
Vice President

Dr. Leal has over 40 years experience in computer science and technology. His PhD, received in 1976 from UCLA, combined disciplines from Artificial Intelligence and Decision Theory. Having worked on NASA’s Space Shuttle program at Rockwell in Downey, CA for over 10 years, Dr. Leal has in-depth experience in engineering and aerospace.


Dr. L.D. Zhang
Chief Scientist

Dr. Zhang is an expert in digital signal processing, radar/communications system design, and advanced algorithm development. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from U.C. San Diego in 1995.

Michael Berman
Chief Engineer

Mr. Berman has been designing and developing embedded systems engineering applications for over 5 years. His Bachelor’s degree at Cal. State Northridge was in designing digital and analog systems. At Universal Studios, he designed and developed company-wide applications park processes to coordinate and smooth operations.

David Held
Project Leader

Mr. Held has been working in the aerospace industry for almost 50 years. He was a Radar Systems Engineer at Hughes Aircraft where he designed and implemented advanced millimeter-wave receivers used for intelligence gathering. Mr. Held received a B.S. degree in Physics from U.C.L.A.

David Clements
Head Software Designer

Mr. Clements has been writing and designing software for over 15 years. He's been party to, and lead, small teams in the development of a range of products in many fields from flight termination to forensics. He designs both backend FPGA and server software, as well as the frontend GUI and interaction / UX.

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